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Reduce Defects, Rework and Waste

Quality is key to your organization's brand and product reputation that can directly impact your bottom line. Making it a company-wide responsibility to reduce product defects, waste, and drive improvements will result in products that consistently meet or exceed your customer’s expectations.
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Drive improvements that result in high quality product standards that meet your customer's expectations, all in a single platform.

  • Improve access to quality standards content
  • Streamline quality-related training and certifications
  • Empower collaboration for optimal keep quality control top of mind
  • Ensure quality standards are followed
  • Make certain observations and issues are captured to standard
  • Capture, analyze and gain insight from quality data
  • Streamline the creation, access and communication of quality content with AI
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Use Cases

UC Quality Gemba Walk

Gemba Walks

Empower management to better optimize CI efforts with standardized scheduling, data collection, analysis and improved collaboration
UC Quality 5 Whys

5 Whys

Simplify 5 Whys execution to quickly identify and correct problems for improved uptime, processes and quality
UC Quality Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Improve process efficiency, safety, and reduce equipment downtime
UC Quality Metal Detector Checks

Metal Detector Checks

Assure product quality, productivity and reduce recall-related costs by ensuring equipment is inspected and maintained to standard
UC Quality Defect Reporting

Defect Reporting

Ensure product quality and reduce costs by getting to the root cause of defects
UC Quality Quality Audits

Quality Audits

Schedule, collect, analyze and act on audit data to establish safe, effective and compliant manufacturing processes
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Decrease in Customer Complaints


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Maison Riviera

Faster to Capture Quality Issues


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Riviera Improves SQF Compliance Audit Scores With Poka

"Although Riviera was consistently passing our annual inspections, we weren’t satisfied with a score of 86%. We knew we could do better."

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