Become a Paperless Factory

Increase Workforce Productivity and Visibility into Operations
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Faster to complete digital forms


Hours saved per year accessing forms


Increase in reporting

Data Capture

1. Break Down Data Silos

Capture data more efficiently and consistently with digital forms and checklists. On average workers and leaders complete forms 20% faster than on paper. Common forms include:

  • Safety, Quality & 5S Audits

  • Start-Up, Changeover & Centerline Checklists

  • CIL & AM checklists

  • Gemba walks and leader standard work reports

Collect consistent data

2. Uncover Insights

When data is captured consistently and in real-time through digital forms, team members can uncover insights and take action faster. Deviations can be flagged, and notifications sent automatically.

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3. Improve Access to Critical Information

Centralize all critical operational knowledge in an easy-to-access hub. Workers access digital work instructions, manuals, electrical drawings, production schedules and more in a matter of seconds.

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Digitalization helps our decision-making based on facts while saving time — ultimately simplifying processes and driving productivity and sustainability.


Rajesh Kannan

Poka Deployment Owner

Compliance & Audits

4. Improve Compliance and Traceability

Reduce compliance risk and breeze through audits by digitizing critical documentation related to training certifications, and quality or safety inspections. 

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5. Reduce Paper Consumption

Every 10k sheets of paper costs one tree and 13,000 gallons of water to produce. Eliminating paper from your operations is a tangible way to deliver on your sustainability promise.

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Customer Story

Danone Paperless Factory Showcases Manufacturing Sustainability

"With Poka’s Forms feature, it really helped our factories move away from paper and digitalize processes from the bottom up."

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