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Ultimate Guide to Digital Work Instructions

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Kickstart your Digital Transformation with Work Instructions

This buyer’s guide provides a comprehensive list of solution and supplier requirements to help you get started with your evaluation of digital work instruction solutions and make the right choice for your organization. This includes what capabilities are needed to:

  • Ensure workers can instantly access instructions for their specific equipment and job responsibilities
  • Produce instructions that are easier to understand and follow in the flow of daily work
  • Easily capture and incorporate workers’ input to build operational knowledge
  • Reduce implementation time and costs to deliver quick ROI
  • Scale across global operations for lifetime value

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Must-Haves vs. Nice-to-Haves

Critical procedures like work instructions and troubleshooting guides are a company’s secret sauce for ensuring high-yield processing and packaging efficiencies. 

They’re key to hitting targets for safety, quality, OEE, waste, and more. Digital work instruction apps provide simple and timely access to important information, but the right solution will deliver broader value.

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How Digital Work Instructions can help

Document, centralize and standardize operational knowledge

Improve employee access to critical information

Reduce production deviations and drive a culture of standardization

Reduce documentation creation and management effort

Reduce man and method losses

Improve comprehension and retention of critical information

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