Boost Asset Performance

Identify and Solve Problems Faster to Reduce Equipment Downtime
Boost asset performance

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Hours of Minor Stops Avoided per Year

CH Guenther

Improvement in Mean-Time Between Repair


Reduction in Unplanned Line Downtime


1. Find Answers to Problems in Seconds

In the event of an unplanned stop, workers scan a QR code on the machine to search the knowledge base for troubleshooting solutions. Videos and photos make it easy to confirm the problem and follow the steps to fix it.

Troubleshoot Case Packer
Qr code access

2. Real-Time Support from Subject Matter Experts

If a solution can’t be found in the knowledge base, workers take a video or photo of the problem and post an issue to Poka. Experts are notified and can offer solutions in real time, often remotely. Team members across departments can collaborate to find permanent solutions to recurring problems.

Discussion SME

3. Track, Assign and Resolve Issues

Poka offers a better, more visible alternative to manual defect tags and downtime code reporting. Actions can be assigned, tracked, and escalated with greater transparency and traceability.

Manage Issues

Since Poka, I don’t recall seeing this issue show up again because the operators have access to the troubleshooting guide.


Tim Angelici

Engineering Manager


4. Standardize & Improve Startup & Changeover

Improving training delivery of critical operational tasks like startup and changeover reduces variability and mistakes even among less experienced operators.

Improving Start and Production

5. Reducing Downtime

Using job aids like digital checklists in Poka speeds the completion of routine tasks by making it easier to track what’s been done. It also reduces the risk of errors when performing autonomous or preventative maintenance and centerlining.

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Customer Story

How C.H. Guenther Reduced Production Downtime

"If you decide you want to go with Poka and you’re going to do it, just do it. You can have Poka launched in a month, depending on the functions you want, or you can drag it out for years. Having a new software half-installed for a year doesn’t help anyone. Put the resources in place and get it done."

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