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Improve OEE and Drive Productivity

Your employees are your most valuable asset, yet the industrial labor crisis and record-high turnover require more efficient and effective ways to deliver role-specific and compliance training to better attract, upskill and retain skilled labor.
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Empower workers to drive next-level production performance, all in a single platform

  • Improve access to critical operational knowledge

  • Reduce the time and cost to train and onboard workers

  • Improve collaboration across shifts, departments and plants

  • Ensure processes and tasks are followed to standard

  • Identify and resolve issues faster

  • Capture, analyze and gain insight from operational data

  • Streamline the creation, access and communication of operational content with AI

Use Cases Operations
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Use Cases

UC Operations Shift Reports

Shift Reports

Streamline hand over reporting to ensure continuity and productivity
UC Operations CIL

Clean, Inspect, Lubricate (CIL)

Increase OEE and reduce equipment downtime
UC Operations Centerlining Validations

Centerlining Validations

Ensure optimal operations, quality and machine efficiency
UC Operations Changeovers


Increase OEE and changeover efficiency with integrated training, tasks, checklists & analytics
UC Operations Start Production Checks

Start of Production Checks

Streamline production start-up times for improved performance and predictable quality
UC Operations End Production Checks

End of Production Checks

Streamline end of production times for improved performance and predictable quality
UC Operations CIP

Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Reduce sanitation cycles and regulatory risk
UC Operations Minor Stops

Minor Stops

Increase productivity and reduce losses
UC Operations AM

Autonomous Maintenance

Empower your operators to effectively perform basic equipment maintenance
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Minor Stops

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