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Worker training on the factory floor

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Reduction in Onboarding time


Higher OEE with New Hires


Faster to Create Training Content

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1. Quickly Build Training Programs

Spend less time creating training content and setting up skills. Flexible, multi-step training programs can include video work instructions in Poka, links to external content, and even steps outside of Poka like a shadowing period.

Create skills v2

2. Automatically Assign Skills to Workers

New hires are assigned skills automatically based on their role and workstation in the plant.

Role specific and factorywide skills

3. Deliver quality, safety, and role-specific training

Give workers access to self-guided, standardized training to complement and reduce the reliance on trainers.

Workinstructions en copy

New operators don’t need to learn everything during onboarding because now we are confident they can find it when they need it.


Jorn Vroegh

Learning & Development Manager


4. Check workers understanding through exams

Exams built into skills are automatically scored and all attempts tracked. Reduce the time and effort required to ensure training compliance documentation.

Exams 100

5. Oversee new hire progress

Both workers and management can track progress towards 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals.

Skills matrix
Continuous Learning

6. Empower workers to keep learning

Easy access to digital work instructions on the factory floor means associates can continue to learn new skills and get a refresher at the time and point of need.

Continuous learning
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Customer Story

L'Oréal Gains a 9% Higher OEE With New Hires Trained Using Poka

"With Poka, we are able to track KPIs by category and by department, and with this information, we can adapt the learning strategy for the program moving forward."

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