Track, Understand and Solve Problems Faster

Turn Every Production Issue into an Opportunity to Learn and Improve

Poka's issue and visual management capabilities help make it faster and easier to identify deviations and solve problems leading to improvements in downtime, productivity, quality and more. The centralized board increases accountability, leading to fewer dropped balls and greater insight into root causes.


Issue Posts

A central place to capture production issues with pictures and videos

Task Center

A centralized hub for assigning, managing and tracking follow-on actions.
Issues Management Task Center


Experts across the organization are automatically notified


A discussion thread makes it faster to troubleshoot, find solutions and reduce downtime
Issues Management Collaboration

Digital Kanban board

A visual management tool for tracking the status of issues and time to resolution
Issues Management Digital Kanban Board

Equipment & Category Tags

Issue tags make it easier to monitor trends and identify root causes

Troubleshooting Knowledgebase

Easily convert resolved issues into a troubleshooting solution in Poka.
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How Poka Issues Management Can Help

Reduce Downtime & Minor Stoppages

Build a Goldmine of Insight to Support Root Cause Analysis

Autonomous, Remote Problem Solving Improves Maintenance Productivity

Provide Visibility and Drive Accountability into Issues

Engage Workers in a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Top Issues and Task Management Use Cases

Use Cases S Issues Tasks Management Defect Tags Operations Maintenance

Defect Tags from Operations and Maintenance

Use Cases Issues Tasks Management Unplanned Downtime Breakdowns

Unplanned Downtime and Breakdowns

Use Cases Issues Tasks Management Quality Issues

Quality Issues from Raw Material to Finished Product

Use Cases Issues Tasks Management Corrective Preventive Actions

Corrective and Preventative Actions

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Poka User Community Stories

How Bosch Automotive Improved Production Issues Management

"The plant reported a direct productivity gain of 8%, so we planned to have Poka in all 12 manufacturing divisions of Bosch."

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