Industrial AI for the Factory Floor

Intelligent efficiencies drive productivity and inclusion on the factory floor

Poka connects workers to digital manufacturing operations, to drive performance and enable a culture of continuous improvement. Poka AI adds intelligent automation capabilities that help to achieve optimal performance by removing barriers that prevent workers from doing their job efficiently.

Accelerate Training Content Creation and Comprehension with AI-powered Transcription

Global and regional manufacturers employ workers that speak many different languages. The challenge is efficiently creating and maintaining operational knowledge in a way that can be easily understood by everyone.

Poka’s AI-powered Transcription automatically translates the audio in videos into the subtitled language of choice, eliminating the need to create multi-language versions. The result is more effective content and more inclusive collaboration, with less effort.

AI Translation

Discover more Relevant Content Faster with AI-powered Search

Factory workers use Poka to find critical information, as quickly as possible. Precious minutes of productivity can be lost when search results come up empty-handed or with the wrong answer.

Poka’s AI-powered Search uses algorithms to better understand queries and offer more relevant results, faster. Built-in support for multiple languages enables workers to search for content in their native language. Faster, more relevant searches performed in the user's native language will empower your workers with the answers they need, when they need it for greater success.

Semantic search

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Accurate and Timely Insights that Empower Performance

Get a holistic view of your operational data

Quickly zero-in (pareto) on priorities

Empower Data-driven CI Decisions

Gain autonomy in building reports

Eliminate the time and effort to gain insight

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