Give workers access to the knowledge they need, when and where they need it

Centralize Access to Critical Operational Knowledge

Poka makes it easy to build and share standards across shifts and plants. Visual, one-point lessons in a Training Within Industry (TWI) format are a complement to written SOPs, and make it easier for workers to understand and retain.



Support for visual work instructions with video, text, images, documents, links and e-signatures
Digital work instructions Multimedia


Facilitate language management with auto-translation
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Ease of Access

Scan QR codes for role-specific access to standards within seconds
Digital work instructions Ease of Access

Viewing Reports

See who has viewed the latest instructions. Send notifications when a new version is available.
Digital work instructions Viewing Report

Content Sharing

Update standard procedures for common assets across global operations, in a single click

Version Control

Enforce approval workflows on updates and demonstrate ISO compliance.

Troubleshooting Solutions

Do you ever feel that a recurring production problem could be avoided or resolved faster if only you could tap into the tribal knowledge across operations? Now you can. Poka's troubleshooting knowledgebase empowers workers to find solutions to common problems more quickly and autonomously, resulting in less downtime.

  • Problem & Solution Template Builder
  • Knowledgebase organized for quick and easy access
  • Easily convert resolved issues into troubleshooting solutions
Troubleshooting placeholder Repeater copy

How Digital Work Instructions can help

Document, centralize and standardize operational knowledge

Improve employee access to critical information

Reduce production deviations and drive a culture of standardization

Reduce documentation creation and management effort

Reduce man and method losses

Improve comprehension and retention of critical information

Top Digital Work Instruction Use Cases

Use Cases Digital Work Instructions Troubleshoots Basic Operations

Basic Operations, Start-Up, Changeover and Shut-Down

Use Cases Digital Work Instructions Troubleshoots Safety Quality

Safety & Quality Related Tasks

Use Cases Digital Work Instructions Troubleshoots Raw Material Handling

Raw Material Handling Work Instructions

Use Cases Digital Work Instructions Troubleshoots Autonomous Preventative Maintenance

Autonomous and Preventative Maintenance

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Poka User Community Stories

426x240 Standardizing

Mars Standardizes Operational Knowledge Across the Globe

"The ability to duplicate work instructions in Poka has been a huge game-changer for us at Mars... This will truly step-change our speed to competency."

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