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Poka brings together digital work instructions, operational knowledge management, training content, exams and skills management into the most comprehensive solution for manufacturers.

The industrial labour crisis and record-high turnover requires a more efficient and effective way to deliver role-specific and compliance training in factories. With Poka, workers are empowered to learn more autonomously, on-the-job, while management has greater visibility into skills gaps and training priorities.

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Develop workforce skills and harness operational knowledge


Give workers access to the knowledge & answers they need, when and where they need it


Deliver training and track workforce skills without breaking a sweat

We created a full loop and completely eradicated this [knowledge gap]. A reduction of 87.4%—a tangible improvement.


Johan Lantz

Global Head of World Class Manufacturing

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Move the needle in your factory with Poka

Improve Factory Training

50% faster to create training content

Accelerate Onboarding

40% reduction in onboarding time and cost

Boost Asset Performance

50 hours of planned downtime avoided
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Foster a Safety Culture

183% increase in near-miss reporting

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