Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is Eradicating Man and Method Losses in Production

Boost Asset Performance Digital Work Instructions & Troubleshoots

Tetra Pak’s Tangible Results


Time Reduction

For Man & Method-Related Short Stops

Set-Up Time Reduction

Caused by Man & Method

Reduction in Man-Hours

To Maintain Skill Matrices

Reduction in Man-Hours

To Maintain Training Programs
Wcm journey
Project Scope

Tetra Pak By The Numbers

20,000 Work Instructions in Poka

1,200 Skills Per Factory

Fifty percent of losses originate from issues related to Man and/or Method. However, not all Man and Method losses are related to knowledge and we should be able to easily identify the difference.


Johan Lantz

Tetra Pak’s Global World Class Manufacturing Integration Manager

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